It all started when…

Adlai discovered blacksmithing in 1990 and he has been learning and forging ever since. Over the years he has created a variety of art, tools, knives and ornamental fixtures.

Adlai loves teaching his craft to others and in 2008 he was a founding member and the first instructor at The Idea Foundry in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2016 Bekah Saikas joined Macabee Metals to learn blacksmithing as an apprentice. She has become an integral and creative part of Macabee Metals. Her fabrication background and skills have propelled us forward.

Adlai and Bekah offer a full line of blacksmithing services from home decor and architectural iron work to knife, sword, and tool making and just about anything else that can be imagined.

In 2017, Adlai competed on History Channel’s Forged in Fire (Season 3, episode 13). The popularity of the show inspired him to teach more and open Central Ohio School of Metalwork.

In 2018, Macabee Metals moved from its home at the Idea Foundry to their own shop in Franklinton, along with its education branch, Central Ohio School of Metalwork. If you are interested in learning the art of blacksmithing or metalwork for groups or individuals, contact us at https://www.cosommetalwork.com/